Garmin 705 mount (diy)

A year ago I found neat solution to mount my Garmin 705 on my racer . This time I’ve tried to find a budget solution for my crap cyclocross bike, as I had all the bits and piece available “for free” at work. I’ve used some alloy pipes, stainless steel screws M5, and I also managed to find some plastic corks in the workshop (wireman using them for something I’ve asked if I can nick four and they gave me a lot). The rest of the story is pretty much on the pictures. The goal was to make “shed engineering” despite the fact that I have an access to lathe or can have theoretically an access CNC. Instead of painting (I hate painting aluminium) I’ve used heat shrink (I developed kinda fetish with heatshrink, love watching it shrinking ;-)). Effect is instant, you don’t have to wait for paint to dry. It’s scratch resistant. It’s easier. Instead of heatshrink, a vinyl sheet will do the job (to match handlebar tape colour for example ;-)). The whole bracket is attached to bottom screws of stem face plate, and Is very stiff.

Direct link to instructables


Full story in pictures below…

Pipes used 25mm and 8mm:

002 001

Poor man lathe out  of drill and file. To make a groove at the end of the pipes (to match screws holes in the stem front plate)

003 004

Semi-circle file been used to make curve at the end of pipes to match 25mm pipe curve…

005 006


… and the same for inside washers:


“Main pipe” after drilling. Two big holes for accessing screws, two on the back, and one on the bottom of the tube as water drain if there will be any.

012 013

Favourite part: shrinking heatshrink

017  016 015



…holes cut


… and smaller pipes…


Touching up with permanent marker – cheap bastard 😉


Other bits and pieces…

010 009

all tha parts together:


and screwed to stem:


corks in place


Finished and ready to rock

025 027  028 030

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