Poor man cyclocross building problem #1

Road lever and mtb rear mech cock-up during drivetrain assembly in my cyclocross bike. Small mistake, just posting to prevent anybody having same situation. I think I heard about differences between standard Shimano and dyna-sys before and even reminded myself couple of times, and then… of course I forgot.

At first of all, if you’re planning strange marriages between different components be sure that will work. Ask your LBS or google some information. I have Shimano road levers 6600 (10 speed) and rear mech Shimano Deore RD-M593 Shadow 10 speed rear mech. You see that “shadow” bit in the name? 😉 Yeah, that’s the thing… It means the system is DynaSys and it have completely different cable pull. F*ck!. I slept with the problem and next day I’ve tried different solution as an exercise. Measured cable pull in both systems. In standard Road cable for rear mech travelling about 22-23mm in Shadow systems the distance is about 35-36mm. I didn’t check that but tested cable pull 9 speed system in my commuter and looked more less the same around 23mm. As the cassette for both 9 and 10 speed systems has same width I decided to make experiment and borrowed rear mech RD-M530 for tests. And here we are! My strang setup. Front STI levers are Shimano 105 (5600), Crank is FSA Omega 46/34T with BDC110 and (road) chainline 43mm, cassette Shimano Tiagra CS-4600 12-30 (10 speed), rear derailleur  RD-M591 (purchased new as RD-530 was just for test only – on the pictures). Tested on the road. No problems whatsoever.

20130321_220113.jpg 20130321_220101.jpg

soon more about the bike and other experiments…

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