Vaelominati rule no 12 stays:

“While the minimum number of bikes one should own is three, the correct number is n+1, where n is the number of bikes currently owned. This equation may also be re-written as s-1, where s is the number of bikes owned that would result in separation from your partner.”

So here it is, next one.

Giant Defy N+1
Giant Defy N+1

Short story in pictures, basically I had some free time to repaint old Giant frame. Managed to buy some white giant stickers, and as I’m simpleton, really didn’t have too much choice of a colour so painted black. Whole procedure too about a week (5 layers of transparent lacquer). Had already wheels, handlebars, brakes. So purchased Shimano gruppo 105-5700 (in black of course) and put everything together. I’ve tried document all the steps, but is really a pleasure building from new components. Whole thing took one afternoon 3h or so. Beer is essential because will slow you down so is less likely you’ll make mistakes ;-). You need to stop have a sip…

Beer, to slow you donw...
Beer, to slow you down…
finished product, with stickers. could be done better but...
finished product, with stickers. could be done better but…
Frame, wheels, all jewellery, handlebars ready to assemble.

Frame prep. I’ve cleaned seat tube inside, greased seat post (not kidding). They’re both alloy so need to be greased to prevent sticking together, and (sometimes) making cracking noise. Bolts treated with medium strength threadlocker (deralieur hanger, bottle cages). Cable guide (included with groupset! wow) screwed to frame. Fork in place, temporarily stem screwed in. Everything goes on stand and as first addition poor-man slapchain guide beed added made from old handlebar tape (don’t throw them away!)

 20130829_221548 20130829_224137 20130829_221439

20130831_140506 20130831_140616

Chronologically. Added brakes, bottom bracket in place, crank added, both deraileurs screwed in. Wheels tyres on. My weapon of choice are Gatorskin Conti as that will be “weather bike”. Cassette, handlebars, levers, saddle and pedals.

20130831_142736 20130831_143505 20130831_143747 20130831_140819 20130831_141632 20130901_162105

Time to put shoes on and set up saddle handlebars and levers. Sit down and try it. I’m doing it before because that will determine cables length. Brakes at first then dérailleurs, then added barrel adjusters.

20130901_165103 20130901_165059 20130901_164441 20130901_164446 20130901_172923

20130901_185200 20130901_173236 20130901_185302

Chain cut to length and connector been used rather than pin. Gears/brakes finally adjusted (YT tutorials: rear mech, front mech, brakesheadset). Ready for test roll on the road. Minor adjustments and ready for the last bit handlebar tape (best tutorial on YT).

20130902_153930 20130902_154734 20130902_154845 20130902_170345

Happy days ahead…

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