Shed engineering

I know it’s crazy. You can buy the same (almost) stand from Halfords for 10 quid… Frickin ten quid, with relatively good opinion 3.7/5. So, who’s crazy enough to DIY it? Guy must gone absolutely bonkers! Hmm well,… I made it. The weather is currently soooo crap, that I’m literally clutching at straws not to go insane. In fact to go outside, even when you find a clean window in forecast, is quite tricky as lots of roads been flooded and some of rides ended up 8km from my doors.

Quite some time I’ve been thinking about small stand that I’ll use whilst cleaning bicycles, as well as for minor adjustments. Nothing like big service stand, but something small and foldable. I had already an idea, I had a pile of scrap, and as rain slowly been turning my garden to mudpot I decided to start some shed engineering. Pictures of the prototype below. (soon I’ll post on when I’ll paint it)

I’ve used some rectangular and square tubes. Cut and welded to create this Y shape. You can see my “quality welding” LOL! 😉

2014-01-05 12.54.27 2014-01-05 12.54.16 2014-01-05 12.54.05 2014-01-05 13.13.56

some screws, washers, nuts, nylock nuts (for joints)

2014-01-05 13.43.16 2014-01-05 13.43.09

flat piece as connection, 6mm steel rod for hooks (threads made using dice).

2014-01-05 13.13.43 2014-01-05 12.52.29

hooks been wrapped in old handlebar tape

2014-01-05 13.28.53

Folded flat, looks like some ancient weaponry 😉

2014-01-05 13.50.57 2014-01-05 13.50.45

and that how it works:

2014-01-05 13.44.30 2014-01-05 13.44.20

Easy to clean bicycle and make some derailleur adjustments. Just need a touch of paint and everything will be nice an dandy.

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