Favourite route on Gran Canaria

12 days in paradise…

2014-04-14 12.gc01

I didn’t have legs to ride this year on GC. Had bloody chest infection and spent 2 weeks without touching bike just before went to Spain. Anyway, as always there’s lot of other commitments (kids want to play in swimming pole, wife wants go shopping etc…). Ok that’s enough of “shit cyclist said” section, but as a result all the trips I’ve made were about 70-100km. On the plus, I had my own bike this time, so quite comfy situation. That is I think my favourite route. Contains three climbs/descents Puerto de Mogan –┬áMogan – Top (GC-605), Ayacata-Roque Nublo (GC-605), Argueguin- Soria (GC-505). Last year I ridden the same with some variations. As I’m heavy bugger, sometimes I didn’t have legs for the last climb (Ayacata-Roque Nublo). The climb looks innocent on profile, but first part it’s from 10% to 16%, normally you’re pushing 13-14% almost all the time. In Ayacata is good spot to refill bottles and eat something (7 euro for spaghetti). Also good variation is ride back through San Bartolome-Maspalomas, as tarmac quality of top part GC-605 is terrible (you don’t mind climbing, but descending is different story). All in all good time. Nice views, good climbs, smooth tarmac, only one puncture, cheap wine, and sun! Weather this time was perfect, wasn’t too hot. (in fact we had 2 rainy days, which is quite unusual) Strongly recommended spot for MTB/Road cycling.

Keep them rolling… Adam

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