Transcontinental Race – bar / saddle bags.

Serious “backpacking”…

Catastrophic Failure

Rapha Art Director and 2012 24hr TT Champion Ultan Coyle asked me to produce a set of units for the 2015 Transcontinental Race he’s competing in, the race from Flanders – Istanbul. We had about 6 weeks to turn it round. As it turned out not enough time to dwell on the finish but at the last recorded Transcontinental reportage it seems the design held firm through the descent of Col D’Assettia and a Montenegrin taxi strike.

If and when Ultan returns I may get the opportunity to better finish the bags and take some better images.

The brief included two units – a front unit to hold: iphone6 / dynamo power storage units / map cards / USB transformer / gloves / gels etc. And a rear unit to hold mechanical’s, tubes, multi-tool etc – also ideally an overnight bag to specifically hold: bivi / coat / sleeping mat / toothbrush…

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