blending in…

Quick walk to nearby woods, mainly to test hammock and enjoy, rare recently, dry weather.


Nothing too fancy about hammock. Rectangle piece of ripstop nylon 350x150cm with roll hem longer sides and channels on both ends, nylon straps tree huggers, Amsteel rope for suspension. As this was the first attempt, I didn’t make any permanent changes just to see if the setup will work. Feels ok, and I’m thinking that people claiming they’ll never go back to tent camping, might be actually right… Will see. to complete setup I need tarp and bugnet (underquilt in the future?). Stay tuned. To familiarize more with hammock camping I recommend two channels on YT: – Shug channel hilarious yet informative  – Joe Brewer bit of diy (I really like it) and lot of information, his setup:

Marceli blending in ;-).



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