Park Tool WTF-1

Over covid-19 period I’ve been updating my arsenal of tools quite a bit. One major thing I was missing was a repair stand with clamp (got one but front wheel needs to be removed in order to use it). In the end, after reading all the reviews and watching couple videos on YT, I decided to go for Park Tool PCS-10.2. I’m really pleased with that one. Well known brand, good quality, if you don’t mind spending around £200 (price in UK). So generally, I’m always quite impressed with quality of tools from US (Milwaukee, Stanley etc) and Park Tool is not an exception. However during the search I came across some of the stuff they making… At first all looked like a joke, and we’ve been laughing loudly seeing this. I’m just thinking, is that some marketing research gone wrong? Are people buying this? 3 examples:

Wheel holder – WH-1 – – £100

Wheel Holder – WH-2 – – around 55-60 quid in UK

and my favourite OMFG 😉

DF-1 – Dummy Fork – – 50 quid?

essentials… 😉

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