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Tryweryn trip video 2017 May

Better than nothing…

Drought everywhere forced me to make long trip to Tryweryn in north Wales. Forecast for the weekend was “Kayaking with good chance of hammocking”.  Saturday a bit murky, but good workout, and Sunday full sun – amazing! As always, I recommend Thumbs UP! Bit problematic with hammock, as there are no suitable trees on site, however owners happily allow people hanging hammocks next to the river, very cool!


a man with a banana

Finally arrived! Thanks to guys from canoeandkayak.co.uk I got my Lettmann Granate, the only colour available off hand was yellow… and it looks actually like banana. Absolotely hilarious, whoh cares! Didn’t have enough time to test it (to the point when my arse is starts killing me) but already love the boat. Happy days ahead!


Tom Boonen – The Legend

Maybe someone can make subtitles in English? …

Isle of Wight with Jan

4 ferries, clear sky, quality time dad with son 😉
cons: terrible choice of road, lack of planning – mea culpa (anyway we survived the traffic)
whole path here

Trip to Cardiff International White Water


A bit of spanking on the water. Trip to Cardiff to CIWW.
https://spark.adobe.com/page-embed.jsSVCC in CIWW

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