Dear Diary

That’s how Marceli seen our trip to France 😉

IMG_0655 IMG_0656


eccentric bottom bracket adjustment

Eccentric bottom bracket is neat idea for adjusting chain tension on singlespeed/gearhub bike. Basically, you can have vertical drop outs on the frame and removing installing rear wheel is always the same you don’t have to worry about adjusting chain tension like with horizontal drop outs. (and tensioners looks ugly IMHO)

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Hammock camping?

Yep. Why not. After watching couple of videos and diy tutorials, I bought bits and bobs and made one. Looks like after swapping to hammock camping, people never looked back and some of them become almost preachers. 😉 Anyway, I think that might be best idea for one/two nights micro-adventures. (even some primates figured that out)

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Cyclists terror in UK

Despite friendly gestures on the road, like this young man from Bristol, cyclists demanding more and more, and behaving badly!


Behave badly everywhere! I have spoken with couple dog owners and basically, all of them denied leaving dogs poo on trails.


They all seems to be genuine, honest members of public, so the conclusion is obvious. When nobody is watching, cyclists defecate in bags and leave them on trail! Disgusting. Shame on you cyclists.

p.s. Personally I think we need to blame mtb cyclists or cyclocross, as road cyclists can’t ride on trail. (or at least is disgrace for roadie) 😉

spring is just around the corner…

spring is around_the_cornermy arse. in the morning still below 0C 😦

blending in…

Quick walk to nearby woods, mainly to test hammock and enjoy, rare recently, dry weather.


Nothing too fancy about hammock. Rectangle piece of ripstop nylon 350x150cm with roll hem longer sides and channels on both ends, nylon straps tree huggers, Amsteel rope for suspension. As this was the first attempt, I didn’t make any permanent changes just to see if the setup will work. Feels ok, and I’m thinking that people claiming they’ll never go back to tent camping, might be actually right… Will see. to complete setup I need tarp and bugnet (underquilt in the future?). Stay tuned. To familiarize more with hammock camping I recommend two channels on YT: – Shug channel hilarious yet informative  – Joe Brewer bit of diy (I really like it) and lot of information, his setup:

Marceli blending in ;-).



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wiggle sportive with Marcel

Sunday we had lovely weather with Marcel for spin during wiggle New Forest sportive. Over 69km covered, quite a distance for small legs. New bike tested. Well done. Anyway the whole thing left bad taste in my mouth…
Couple observations, brought up usual questions about car drivers sanity and growing road rage in UK. (to some extent I understand, as might be uncomfortable to overtake 20 cyclist, when you rushing to grab some lager from te$co for Sunday bbq) This might be the last sportive we went. Quite a shame, as is well organized event, but is not worth risking life. Need to rethink options next time, have a look at the route etc… For now 1:0 to motorists :-].