Alfine/Nexus explanation video

Dan Burkhart made brilliant video to explain how planetrary gears works on Shimano Nexus/Alfine 8 speed hubs. So far I found this video most digestible among others you can dig out. Have a look.

Check out his other videos, there’s lot more mechanical stuff. Some of the videos might save couple of quid. Big thumbs up!

Shaky first windsurfing video

Just a test of Polaroid Cube attached to top of the mast using the same strap as I’m using for bicycle handlebars. Unfortunately battery died quite quickly as wasn’t fully charged. Anyway, camera survived. A bit of tweaking and next time will test it in big waves…

Banff FF films …

… or actually what I found for free on YT. Will give you that itchy feeling and (hopefully) impulse to do something ๐Ÿ˜‰

Afterglow (

The ridge (

Mending The Line (

Sufferfest (,

Sun Dog (

Touch (

Into the ditch (

All my own stunts (

Arctic swell (

Sculptured in Time (




Spin with Marceli

Day out with Marceli my son. We booked sportive from Wiggle. One of the most hilly around Dorset. Despite forecast for dry day out, British weather didn’t give up and we had a bit of drizzle near coast. Anyway, big thumbs up as nearly 60km for 9 years old is quite a distance.